Best Of The Blast: Aug 16-22

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Last week, Deflategate dominated the news (like it has all year), Rhody potheads got some hope and we got confused about some beach rules.

Oh, and it was hot. Signs might be saying “Back to school”, but the thermometers are saying “We were going to give you this in July, but we decided it would be more fun to suck the life out of you now”. Want to try a unique way to cool off?

Go flyboarding.

Anyway, here’s last week’s top 10 posts.

10. Our Four Favorite Newport, RI Craft Cocktail Bars

9. Has Conan O’Brien Come To Linc Chafee’s Rescue?

8. Will Rhode Island Be The Next State To Legalize Weed?

7. How The DeflateGate Battle Has Become A Craft Beer War

6. Uniquely Popular Baby Names By State: What’s Rhode Island’s?

5. The NY Post Explores Newport, RI’s “Secret, Sexy Side”

4. Our Ten Favorite #DeflateGate Memes!

3. Four Quick Questions About The Rules At GooseBerry Beach

2. Broadway’s Quirkiest Bar Decor

…and the top post of the week?

The White Horse Tavern Vs Jamestown FiSH: Who Has The Best Video? (Poll)

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