Best Of The Blast: August 23-29

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Last week, for the most part, sucked.

Everywhere you looked, all the news was bad news. Locally, we’re guessing the hot weather played into it. The end of summer, school starting…these stresses create the irritations or distractions that can get people killed. Hopefully, we can all follow the example of the gentleman featured in our #1 story of the week and find a place of solace, where the only distraction is the occasional drone.

Here were the biggest stories of the week…

10. Why It Sucks To Be A Single Woman

9. Newport Gets To Meet The Country’s Hottest Bartenders This Monday Night

8. The Most Popular Liquor In Rhode Island Is…

7. The White Horse Tavern Vs Jamestown FiSH: Who Has The Best Video? (Poll)

6. Four Quick Questions About The Rules At GooseBerry Beach

5. Murder In Middletown

4. Guess Who’s Selling Their 282 Ft Mega Yacht Because They “Need A Bigger Boat”

3. Bicyclist Intentionally Run Down By Green Minivan Near Rogers High School

2. VA Gunman Posted Video Of Himself Carrying Out Act (Graphic)

1. Sunbather On Top Of Portsmouth Wind Turbine Becomes World-Famous

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