Best Of The Blast: December 28-January 3

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2015 arrives with a bang…and one of our best weeks ever!

Last week featured a bit of rehashing our biggest stories of 2014, some New Years Eve fun, Rhode Island leading the nation in one interesting category and some important information for those of you who like to make your love lives a team sport.

Also, we’ve made a New Years resolution to stop using “Amazing” so much.

10. An Amazing Method To Feel Better About All Your Friends Getting Engaged

9. Amazing Music Video Shot At Fort Wetherill

8. Does This Weather Map Look Like What We Think It Looks Like?

7. My Place or Yours? Rent vs. Buying in Newport, RI

6. See Newport and Rhode Island Through 1947’s Eyes

5. Some New Years Eve Rules For Jim

4. Life In World War 2 Newport

3. Rhode Island Is The US Capital Of…What?

2. What’s Going To Happen To The Newport Tower On January 4th?

…and the biggest story of the week?

1. 5 Worst Places To Have A Threesome In Newport, RI

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