Best Of The Blast: January 4-10

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Last week we got Peter Griffin, very cold and learned what names make your baby the most Rhode Island.

In addition, everyone got to learn which of their friends believe that copyright is something you enact with a Facebook post. Feel free to forward to them any spam you get from Nigerian royalty.

10. When A Florida Man’s Shirt Says He Has Drugs, Believe It

9. Man Realizes That He’s The Real-Life Peter Griffin; Runs With It

8. This Patriots Video Will Get Fans Right In The Feels

7. My Place or Yours? Rent vs. Buying in Newport, RI

6. The Cold Snap Drinking Game

5. Winter Weather Closings For Rhode Island And Southern Massachusetts

4. Please Don’t Copy And Paste That ‘Copyright’ Facebook Message…Again

3. 5 Worst Places To Have A Threesome In Newport, RI

2. Uniquely Popular Baby Names By State: What’s Rhode Island’s?

…and the biggest post of the week?

1. What’s Going To Happen To The Newport Tower On January 4th?

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