Best Of The Blast: July 19-25

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Last week was a tense one for Uber. Meanwhile, we got to look inside a shark’s body…and the minds of drunks.

It’s Newport Folk Fest weekend, so if you’re not doing what you love doing in the Newport summer, get to it or GTFO. Seriously, we’re at the point of the summer for which Newport exists.

10. Ninety Seconds Of Ocean State Beauty

9. A Man Inside A Bursting Water Balloon Is Incredibly Mesmerizing

8. Scientists Identify Four Classes Of Drunks

7. Is It Time For Rhode Island To Lift The Happy Hour Ban?

6. How To Dissect A Shark…Newport-Style (Video)

5. What’s The Newport Folk Fest Schedule For 2015?

4. Newport Uber Drivers Probably Have A Reprieve…For Now

3. Salty Brine Explosion Mystery Solved?

2. A Little Martha’s Vineyard Gangsta Rap To Set You Straight (Video)

…and the biggest post of the week?

1. Newport Uber Drivers Face Arrest If They Pick Up Customers

Oh, and check out Board SUP Newport…

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