Best Of The Blast: June 13-20

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Last week, Newport, RI got a new beach, a great flipcup video and a whole lot of craft cocktails.

Even if you haven’t been following the calendar, rising temperatures, more traffic and intensified hangovers should let you know that summer has arrived.

10. Catch Chelley, Bill And Dyl Tonight!

9. Welcome To Newport’s Fourth Beach

8. Watch Lightning Hit A Wave In Slow Motion

7. Fashion Vigilantes Ambush Hipsters, Chop Off Their Man Buns

6. Pour Judgement Tap Takeover Will Feature Two Exclusive Beers

5. It’s Called Facebook, Not Vaguebook: Your Friends’ Worst Posts

4. Plunge into Repose at The Bodhi Spa

3. Are You A Political Match For Newport?

2. How To Do Slip-n-Slide Flipcup Newport-Style

…and the biggest post of the week?

1. Our Four Favorite Newport, RI Craft Cocktail Bars

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