Best Of The Blast: March 15-28

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The biggest posts we’ve done since Parade Day.

It’s hard to believe that we’re already two weeks past Parade Day and almost into April. The snow is finally starting to disappear and temperatures might actually reach 60 degrees this week, in an event that will probably feel like a heat wave. Businesses are starting to…think about…hiring people for the season.

Anyhow, here are out top ten stories of the last two weeks!

10. We Present To You: The Patron Saint Of Pothole Hatred (Salty Language)

9. The Audience At Battle Chefs Was SHOCKED When This Secret Ingredient Was Revealed

8. Tiverton Pranksters Can’t Cover Their Tracks

7. Broadway Mugging Keeps It Old School

6. CBS Sports Analyst Thinks Newport Still Has Jai Alai

5. On The Ultimate American Road Trip, Where Is The One Place You Stop In RI?

4. Why The ISIS Threat Against Newport Has Us Laughing

3. Fishing Boat Sinking Off Newport Has Apt Name

2. A Big Reason Why You Shouldn’t Do Newport Restaurant Week

1. List Of Cities With The Most Attractive Women Includes One RI Town


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