Best Of The Blast: March 8-14

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It’s the middle of March…what do you think Newport readers were interested in last week?

What a great week for the Blast and for Newport! Lots of fun was had by all and we hope our posts have been as informative as they are entertaining. The St. Patrick’s Day Parade provides a great boost to the local economy…and the the spirits of a lot of people who have been bearing the emotional burden of a long, hard winter.

10. Why Newport’s 2015 Parade Day Will Be Like None Other For 400 Years

9. 12 Solid One-Liners for St. Patrick’s Day

8. What’s Our Plan For Parade Day?

7. Pour Judgement Is Raffling Off A WHAT On Parade Day?

6. Ireland Decided To Have A Far Wilder Party Than Newport This Week

5. This Time-Lapse Video Is The Perfect Way To Remember This Past Winter

4. Westport Dealership Learns That It Can Be Illegal To Be An As**ole

3. Are You Living In One Of Newport’s Most Notorious Party Houses?

2. Newport, RI Parade Day Drinking Game

…and the top post of the week?

1. 9 Reasons The Mayor’s Letter To Newport Bars Has Us Scratching Our Head


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