Best Of The Blast: May 31-June 13

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The last two weeks in Newport, RI have featured some drinking, some strippers and one very wrong voicemail.

Beautiful weather has brought the start of the season. There’s nothing like someone driving up Farewell the wrong way in broad daylight to let you know that the tourists have arrived.

People come to Newport for beverages, so we’ve had a few big posts on what and where to get your drink on.

10. Gansett’s Newest Beer Hits Newport, RI Shelves!

9. Make Sure Newport Beats Annapolis

8. Why June 1 Always Means Awesome News About Rhode Island Liquor Stores

7. The Family Guy Declared Bruce Jenner Was A Woman…In 2009 (Video)

6. Is The Chairwoman of the Miantonomi Park Commission Out Of Her Goddamn Mind?

5. Our April Fool Joke Turns Out To Be True! (NSFW)

4. There Is One Drink That Everyone Needs To Try This Summer

3. One Of Broadway’s Most Eligible Business Owners Just Got Engaged

2. Why Writing “See ID” On Your Credit Card Makes You A Special Kind Of Douchebag

…and the biggest post?

1. Our Four Favorite Newport, RI Craft Cocktail Bars

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