BUSTED!!! It’s Been A Rough Couple Months For Aquidneck Island Pedophiles

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Predatory Islanders were arrested all over the country.

CobbApril started off in a bit of a strange way. On April 3rd, it was announced that Adam Cobb, a U.S. Naval War College and Director of the Mahan Advanced Research Project, was smart enough to get a PhD from Cambridge University…and stupid enough to post child porn on Tumblr.

The investigation began in January when the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children reported that someone from Rhode Island had uploaded pictures of child pornography on Tumblr.com.

Detectives traced the Internet connection used to upload the pictures to Cobb’s Lilac Lane address.

On March 5, ICAC Task Force Members, along with a member from HSI, with support from the Naval Criminal Investigative Service, executed a court-authorized search warrant at his address.

Cobb was not home, but investigators seized laptops and cell phones for forensic examination.


They found porn on his computer, then arrested him a month later.

So there we go, another fun episode of NCIS: Naval Station Newport. Of course, if this was a TV show, the photos would have been planted by ISIS…or a corrupt gov’t contractor. However, with it being reality, it’s more likely that he’s exactly the pervert they were looking for.

One has to wonder if the people he worked with back at Special Operations Command heard the news and thought “Well, that figures” or if they were more “Really? Cobb?”

We’re betting on the former.

Child Molester Looks Like A Child Molester

So Adam Cobb got arrested at the beginning of the month, but we had to wait until the last day of April for news that a Middletown man, arrested over a decade ago for molesting three girls while he was a gymnastics coach at the Newport County YMCA before he jumped bail and disappeared, had been found and arrested in Spokane, Washington. Patch reports:

[James W.] Bell was one of Rhode Island’s most wanted fugitives as well one of the FBI’s most wanted fugitives. He was originally arrested in 2003 in Allyn, Washington — his home state — and brought back to Rhode Island where he was arraigned on multiple counts of child molestation in Newport County Superior Court.

He was released on bail but never showed up for a pretrial conference on July 15 of 2004.

On July 30 of 2004, Bell was charged with probation and bail violation for the no-show and a federal warrant was issued in 2006 for unlawful flight to avoid prosecution.

There are two questions that arise from the situation:

The first is how how one arrives on the “Most Wanted” list, because if a criminal was charged with a crime that makes them really dangerous, especially if they make a run for it, why were they granted bail in the first place?

The second question is why you’re letting a guy who looks like this:



…anywhere near children. Now, we understand that pretty much everyone looks at least a little creepy in a mug shot, but on the scale of “Keep the kids away from him and get yourself out of there ASAP” there’s pretty much one guy who can beat James W. Bell and he’s not even real:


Anyway, now that Bell is behind bars, we’re guessing his fellow prisoners, who didn’t learn “Never judge a book by it’s cover” growing up, will take one look at him and say “We know exactly why you’re here” in a special language where speakers use only their fists to communicate.

This Week In Florida: To Catch A Middletown Predator

Alexander OardFlorida is that strange place where old people move to so they can meet the nation’s freaks. Freaks like Middletown resident 20-year-old Alexander Oard, who, by the look of him, had at least one parent who was a Proboscis Monkey.proboscis-monkey-the-nose-knows

Oard was caught in a police sting during Daytona Bike Week called “Operation PredaTour 2015”, where the Volusia County Sheriff’s department wired up a house with 22 cameras and then lured in nearby pedophiles by pretending to be a 14-year-old girl online. Via Patch:

A 20-year-old Middletown man who was snared in a child sex predator sting in Florida last month is due to head back to the Sunshine State for a pretrial conference on May 12.

Alexander Oard, of Middletown, was one of 43 people arrested in the sweep that involved undercover agents posing as underage children. He has since been released on bond and is staying on Aquidneck Island.

Now, it’s possible that Oard was confused by his mixed-species background, because Proboscis Monkeys reach sexual maturity within five years in the wild…but that doesn’t mean you want him on the same island as your children.

We’re hoping that Oard enjoyed his time in the Sunshine State, because we’re guessing he’s going to be spending just a little bit more time down there.

Here’s the thing…

Pedophiles are truly a despised group of individuals, but what’s important to realize that you just don’t want them having a really happy day, because a good day for a man attracted to children is a bad day for society.

-Tristan Pinnock, Blast Crime Correspondent

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