Costume Tips: Dress Like One Of These Local Newporters

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Need inspiration for what to dress up as? Think local.

As always, it’s the last minute before Halloween and we’re guessing some of you need some ideas. We’ve decided to go with a local theme, featuring some well known folks from around the community.

Team Alvimedica Photographer Amory Ross

amory ross alvimedica

Courtesy of @universityepicphoto on Instagram

This is an easy costume for most people who were in town for the Volvo Ocean Race stopover. There are two key components for this costume:

  • A camera with a neck strap. Preferably a DSLR with a massive lens attached.
  • ALL of your Team Alvimedica attire. Team Alvimedica swimsuit. Team Alvimedica t-shirt. Team Alvimedica vest. Team Alvimedica Survival Suit

Now all you need to do is write “ROSS” on the back of the outfit, sling your camera over your head and you’re ready to go.

It’s nice and topical, too, considering how the Volvo Ocean Race just announced that Newport will be their lone North American stopover in 2018.

Speakeasy’s Josh Miles

josh miles

A lot of people know Josh Miles. Many know how to get his attention at the bar: “JOSH PLEASE!!!”.

The Josh Miles costume is pretty simple, but attention to detail is key. You’ll need the following items:

  • Black polo shirt
  • Shorts
  • Baseball cap (it could be from a surprisingly large variety of teams)
  • A MINIMUM of THREE pens
  • Glasses


  • Black Sharpie (if you don’t have facial hair)
  • Gin bottle labelled “Penalty Shots”

If you don’t have a beard, draw yourself a nice goatee with the black sharpie. Put on the clothes, baseball cap, and glasses. Clip all the pens you can find to the front of the polo.

Now go forth and get everyone around you drunk.

We’ve got two more coming right up…


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