Coventry Contractor Caught Carrying Crack, Choking Chicken

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Get this guy off the streets.

Zammarelli’s 2008 incident is a textbook example of why the fathers of teenage girls buy shotguns…and a pair of pliers and a blowtorch.

The 16-year old girl was waiting in the passenger seat of her mother’s car, waiting for her to finish shopping in the Walgreens when she noticed that Zammarelli was masturbating in the van next to her…while “looking right at her”. He then reversed out of the spot, drove around the building and pulled back into the exact same spot next to the girl, only leaving when the mother came out of the store.

This is why Chevy Astro vans have the reputation they do.

chevy astro van


This was his sentence, according to Patch:

He pleaded no contest to a charge of disorderly conduct and was sentenced to 90 days at the Adult Correctional Institutions in Cranston. He also received a nine-month suspended sentence, nine month of probation and ordered to obtain counseling.

Given how the rest of this newest arrest went down, it’s unlikely he’ll receive such a lenient sentence this time around.


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