There’s A Lot More To Be Outraged At Facebook About Than How They Treat Your Data

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Are we at Peak Facebook?

While we suspect the #DeleteFacebook movement spearheaded by Elon Musk and others will peter out, we suspect that people are tiring of the website and their experience on it. As others have pointed out, it’s actually quite difficult to delete your Facebook account and walk away. Chances are, you use Facebook to login on other websites. There’s also Instagram and WhatsApp and other web products that are owned by Facebook.

So you’re unlikely to delete your account. What we suspect a lot of people are going to do is what they did with sites like Yahoo and MySpace…just spend less time on the site…until they never go on at all.

We have a professional obligation to monitor social media sites to keep up with the goings on around us…but if it weren’t for that, it’d be pretty easy to spend a lot of time away from the site. Sure, it’s nice to know when people I know get engaged or have babies…but it’s not as though that’s a situation that I need to follow in real time. The kids will probably stick around for at least 18 years and we’re sure we’ll get the play-by-play on wedding planning the next time we come onto “The Book Of Faces”.

Oh…and your data…

Facebook has collected more data on you than you can possibly imagine. You seriously can’t imagine. Think of Facebook Messenger. You know when you start to write a message to someone but stop and decide to delete it? Facebook keeps all that info. Think of the number of stats that are kept on baseball players…square it and you’re probably close to the metrics Facebook keeps on you. While people who worry about their privacy might find this terrifying,┬ámost of this data is currently useless and won’t be used to market products and services (and Presidents) to you.

On the flipside, that data is also being used to save you from ads for products you have no interest in. If you’re a guy who likes monster truck rallies, you won’t see ads for tampons…and if you’re a WASPy young lady from Connecticut with a taste for champagne, you won’t be seeing ads for Natural Ice.


Typically, we wouldn’t be keep on Facebook and other social media sites facing regulation by the Federal government, especially given the majority of legislators’ inability to grasp Facebook’s business model, let alone its means, capabilities and misconduct in the public sphere. That said, perhaps a “Social Media User’s Bill Of Rights” somewhat akin to what we’ve seen recently passed for the airline industry is warranted.

We have no idea what they may entail, but hopefully the right to offend will be included to protect our society from the more fascistic tendencies of Millennials and their Gen Z underlings.

-Tristan Pinnock, Blast Social Media Correspondent

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