Five Prime Winter Hunting Grounds Of The Newport Cougar

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Speakeasy Bar & Grill

The Speakeasy Bar & Grill, or “Speak” as it’s know to its regulars, is a dangerous place, both for your liver…and if you’re a young man, your virtue. You walk in and with a “(Josh, Craig, Andy…Whoever) PLEASE!” you find yourself on the road to intoxication…which the cougars can sense. Usually acting in pairs, they may pick off a single guy then snag a second as they meander up to the bar to replenish a beverage that seemed oh-so-strong and yet went down surprisingly quickly, especially towards the end there.

The next thing the poor, unsuspecting young bucks realize, they’re three rounds deep and the world isn’t getting any less fuzzy. Except for that thigh they find themselve stroking. That’s nice and smooth. As is the Uber ride to the something something bed and breakfast.

Good luck, gentlemen.


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