Five Reasons Not To Be A Bitter Single On Valentine’s Day

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2. All The Good Ones Are Taken (But Probably Won’t Be For Long)

If Mr. or Mrs. Right was available, you’d have figured out some way to swoop them up by now. It’s been JANUARY. If they were single and around and you couldn’t make it work in January, there’s a good chance they weren’t really that right for you.

This means that the right one is probably out there, but they’re with someone else, because they just went through the cuffing season gauntlet themselves but were a bit more successful at it than you were (duh…they’re dreamy).

So what do you have to be so upset about? You’re alone when the selection is at its worst. That means that at some point, you made a decision not to settle. Why would you regret that now? Because people are buying each other plants and sugar? To buy in now would be to do so when the market is at its peak and is a decision that can only lead to regret.

Besides, you’re 2/3 of the way to the season that which switch everything up.

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