Five Reasons Not To Be A Bitter Single On Valentine’s Day

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4. The Grass Is Always Greener

Being single sucks compared to being in a loving relationship with your perfect mate. Unfortunately, perfect mates aren’t really a thing, unless you want to really stretch the concept of “perfection” to include “giving me the ability to  overlook their obvious flaws.”

So everyone in a relationship is dealing a person that is in some way not ideal and everyone is doing a lot of equations in their head about whether it’s better to be with the person they’re with or to be alone (or maybe with someone else). This is complicated by a lot of people who aren’t good at math. There are also people doing amazing things with the crap hand they were dealt.

The point is that being in a relationship isn’t the end goal. It’s just the switch to a different kind of lifestyle which brings along a whole new set of issues that have to be worked through with someone else sharing the controls.

Where are we going with this?

Well, if you’re sitting at home single, alone watching Sex In The City episodes you’ve seen a dozen times, wishing that some guy would have offered to take you out for Valentine’s, realize that there’s another woman out there dreading having to get dressed up and risk death on the icy streets of Newport in high heels just because two hundred years back, people in England took to mailing each other heart-shaped cards and now her hubby thinks buying her flowers and taking her out to dinner what he’s obligated to do to make her happy.

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