Five Ways The Patriots Were Obviously Cheating Against The Steelers

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4. Tom Brady is really angry

tom brady angry

If anyone knows how an extended period of abuse can fill a living thing full of rage, it’s Steelers back-up quarterback Michael Vick. But not even Vick would dedicate the seven months and all the resources that Roger Goodell has invested into making Tom Brady very, very angry.

And now a Federal judge has unleashed Brady onto the rest of the NFL for the full season. Brady is going to be that much better this season because he’s endured what we’re coining Performance-Enhancing Torment Syndrome (PETS). All that anger is going to make Tom Brady that much more focused and motivated to win, which gives him an unfair advantage over other players who had a chance to relax in the off-season.

After the loss that the Steelers suffered, we fully expect Michael Vick to talk about how he wants to¬†get rid of everyone’s PETS in the NFL.


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