Newport’s Newest Cocktail Wars Champion Is…

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Second place for the fourth season of Cocktail Wars goes to…



She may be in law school, but, if you watch the video, you’ll learn that she sounds like a sailor when she get really excited.

The Champion:

First place goes to…



So Christina Mercado is the new champion, but who was the real winner for the night?

In the first season of Cocktail Wars, the Revolving Door reigned supreme. Jason Kindness took first, followed up by his protege, Ryan Kennedy. Before that, a lot of people knew that it was a good place to get a drink. But a lot of people got the heads-up. Kindness disciple Jack Hunger winning the last season cemented the restaurant’s cocktail reputation.


The Vanderbilt Grace Hotel

Now a second venue has dominated the competition. For those of you who don’t know, the Vanderbilt Grace isn’t just a spot to enjoy a cocktail on what is really Newport’s best roof deck. It’s a spot to enjoy an AMAZING cocktail on what’s really Newport’s best roof deck. Unfortunately, it’s the off-season, so roof deck season is about six months away. This just means you can focus more on enjoying your cocktails, as most of their barstaff has now placed in Cocktail Wars. They’re also all women (or mostly…haven’t seen the full roster lately), so there’s a bit of a girl power thing happening there too.

So congratulations to Christina, Carly, Adrienne and the rest of the Vanderbilt Grace!

-Tristan Pinnock, Blast Cocktail Correspondent

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