The Most Perverted Boat Names In Rhode Island?

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The G-Spot Of The Sea

G-Spot Of The Sea

There’s a bit of a spectrum when it comes to explicit boat names. Some just suggest that someone’s going to have to give the captain a little oral-genital contact. Others say “We’re going to be filming a porno on board, but you’ll be so high on cocaine that you’re really not going to care/remember.” That’s the vibe we get from The G-Spot of The Sea, which Providence Police searched last month as part of a cocaine bust.

We’re shocked, SHOCKED that a suspected coke dealer might have channelled their inner-Larry Flynt when they came up with the name of their boat. They’re usually such a wholesome, family-oriented group that would never, ever use the name of their boat as a defense against any sexual assault charges that may result from activities that take place on board.

So as best as we can tell, The G-Spot of The Sea is the most explicitly sexual boat name in Rhode Island. If you know of something better, message us on our Facebook page.

-Tristan Pinnock, Blast Boating Correspondent

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