“We Are Rhode Island” Video Pulled After Footage From Iceland Discovered

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RI’s troubled marketing campaign unveil has another stumble.

It’s been just over 24 hours since a campaign to boost Rhode Island’s economy was revealed and so far the reaction has been…a word association game of “cluster”, “monkey” and “football”. First, everyone decided that having the self-contradicting slogan of “Cooler, Warmer” was somewhat lacking and started to coming up with their own “improvements”.

warmer cooler meme 4 warmer cooler meme 3 warmer cooler meme 2 warmer cooler meme 1

Then, today, the video “We Are Rhode Island” was revealed on Youtube and all was forgiven…for a couple hours. It’s a beautiful video, which highlights all of Rhode Island’s virtues in incredible high-definition. There was only one problem.

Kevin Aherne over at 990WBOB discovered that not all that footage of Ocean StateĀ beauty was actually filmed in Rhode Island…or North America, for that matter.

Rhode Island Video Iceland

So we decided to check out the video again. A whole bunch of our friends had shared it on Facebook, so it wasn’t hard to find a link. Only, imagine our shock when we discovered the link is now dead.

Pulled Video

Of course, Rhode Islanders might not be so irritated about a $5 million marketing campaign having a rough start, if that money hadn’t gone to a New York City firm, when Rhode Island has so much marketing talent right here at home.

Given that we dabble in marketing and promotions ourselves, we could have easily botched a marketing launch for a fraction of the price paid for this boondoggle.

-Tristan Pinnock, Blast PromotionsĀ Correspondent

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