Rhode Island’s Self-Esteem Problem

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Rhode Island’s problem is two-fold.

It’s not simply a matter of 17% of Rhode Islanders thinking that this is the worst state in the country, it’s also that we actually have the least number of residents who love their state. So while we’re tied with Connecticut for the percentage of self-loathing state residents, 31% of CT residents think it’s the “Best or One Of The Best Possible States To Live In”…while only 18% of Rhode Islanders feel the same way, leaving us ranked last in the country.


It’s a tough spot to be in, because it means that there’s not a whole lot of Rhode Islanders who believe in ourselves. The tough part is that there’s plenty of evidence that we shouldn’t. Every time there’s an opportunity for an economic stimulus in the state, it turns out to be a scam that only leads us further in debt (38 Studios). That leaves us wary any time anyone else has a bright idea of how the state can make it rich (or, at least, less poor).


So as states go, we’re Eeyore, which is a problem. People can hang out with Eeyore for a bit, just like they can hang out with Tigger for a bit, but eventually they want some time away. Here in Newport, we call that period when people don’t want to hang out “winter”, while up in Woonsocket, it’s called “always” and in Central Falls “forever”.

What can we do about it?

That’s a tough call. Rhode Island’s leaders always want the state to be some kind of Massachusetts Jr. but that never seems to work, because we insist on offering less opportunity for a higher cost, then wonder why no one buys what we’re offering.

Perhaps Aquidneck Island can secede and join New Hampshire. It wouldn’t be that much if a culture shock. After all, we’re already used to a large chunk of our government funding being done with tolls. We’d just have to get used to saying “Live Free Or Die” instead of “Hope”. Admittedly, New Hampshire’s motto is a bit libertarian for most Rhode Islanders’ tastes, but it would appear that we’re not so big on hope either. so it’s probably a wash.

Anyhow, just something to think about while you’re spending your time most likely not feeling really enthusiastic about living in Rhode Island.

Alternatively, you can get outside and start shooting some Newport scenery. There’s nothing like a sunset over Narragansett Bay to make everything feel a lot better.

-Tristan Pinnock, Blast Cheerleading Correspondent

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