The Revolving Door Has Just Re-Opened: Meet Their Newest Chef

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NB: And you guys have only been in since the beginning of this week?

Nate: Yesterday (Tuesday) actually

NB: Oh wow, so getting to know the kitchen, knowing what you need to do, and where. Tell me how that’s been

Derek: It hasn’t been bad actually, It’s pretty small, and it’s laid out fairly well, so it’s easy to just kind of jump right into.

Nate: It’s very manageable.

NB: Are you nervous about the openness of it? I mean you guys are pretty much on display in this kitchen here.

Derek: No, Stoneacre is just as open…

NB: Yeah, but I mean working out the kinks in front of everyone…

Derek: Yeah, that’s a little bit nerve racking…

NB: Had you guys not thought about that yet, am I messing with your heads right now?

Nate: Yeah, those are thoughts for Friday afternoon (laughs)

Derek: (laughs) Look, I know how to cook, so…

NB: (laughs) That’s a great response! Confidence is shining through here, I love it, be excited people! And how about you Nate? 

Nate: I’m excited! But I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a little nervous, although I think that’s normal.

NB: Definitely, it would be weird if you weren’t at least a little nervous. So tell me Nate, how did you get to be Derek’s “Chef’s assistant?”

Nate: Well I met Derek when I first started cooking in a kitchen.

NB: And where was that? 

Nate: At Trafford’s, in Bristol, back in, what? 2012 I think.

Derek: Yeah, 2012.

Nate: Yeah, I started cooking back when I was in design school. After school I found that I wanted to continue with it. Didn’t really want to pursue graphic design, and wanted to pursue cooking.

Derek: Even though our postcard menu was designed by him.

Nate: Yeah, I’ve still got a little left in my blood

NB: Nothing wrong with being a jack of all trades. So Derek, it seems like you are definitely on a culinary path career wise, but Nate this is fairly new for you. Is this something you think you want to explore? 

Nate: Yeah, I think so, for sure. I really do like it. I’m learning so much everyday, and that makes me happy to show up to work everyday.

NB: Well you’ve worked at some pretty good places. Especially for someone with no prior culinary training, so I’m sure that helps.

Nate: That helps a lot.

NB: Ok, so enough about you guys! Let’s get to what everyone will be coming in for, the menu! How did it come together?

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