The Revolving Door Has Just Re-Opened: Meet Their Newest Chef

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NB: Ok, so enough about you guys! Let’s get to what everyone will be coming in for, the menu! How did it come together?

Derek: A lot of it is stuff I’ve either done, or grew up making. I’m Polish, so you see the perogi, the cabbage, so that was kind of the beginning of my cooking. Then I’ve done stages in Italian style restaurants. Nate has a lot of experience with pasta, so there’s the tortellini on there.  Fluke is very local, so I wanted to include that on there. Duck is one of my favorite things to eat, so that’s where that came from, along with the pork belly.

NB: You had me at pork belly! Honestly the menu looks great, but I can see why you would call it “globally inspired” doesn’t paint you into any corners. Tell me about creating that. Was it a collaborative process, or…?

Derek: It was mostly like, I designed it, and then added a few things that I thought Nate would excel at.

NB: And what would that be?

Nate: Breads, pastas..

Derek: Ice creams.

Nate: Yeah, we did a lot of collaboration on the ice creams. We ate a lot of chocolate muffins!

NB: That just sounds awful! Ok, so, someone coming in, what dishes do they HAVE to have?

Derek: The pierogi is a must!

NB: The pierogi huh? I would have thought the pork belly or the duck.

Derek: You gotta have the pierogi.

NB: Wow, I mean, usually the vegetarian option seems like an afterthought on a menu but you’re pushing it to the forefront, bold.

Derek: Yup, strictly vegetarian on that dish. But, if you’re going meat, definitely the duck. I love duck. It’ll be confit duck, seared breast, poached egg in there, the chestnuts now are amazing.

NB: Damn, that sounds awesome! And how about for appetizers?

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