The Revolving Door Has Just Re-Opened: Meet Their Newest Chef

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NB: Damn, that sounds awesome! And how about for appetizers?

Derek: The butternut squash.

Nate: Which we just actually changed.

Derek: Yup, we’re switching that up a little bit so there will be butternut hummus in there.

NB: And what about you Nate? What are you excited about I mean obviously you had a hand in some of this too.

Nate:  I’m with Derek on the pierogi, that’s like the big thing. Also, I’ve never even thought about smoking ricotta for tortellinis before, so I’m excited myself to try the finished product of that for the first time.

NB: So i understand you guys are roommates, were you just making all of these dishes at home and trying them out, or…?

Derek: Not necessarily, a lot of it is stuff; I’ve done the brussel sprouts before, the fried sprouts, just with a little different twist.

NB: And in your head, you’re kind of like, Oh this would go with that.

Derek: Right, exactly.

Nate: We did the tortellinis at home, some ice cream at home.

Derek: Yeah, the desserts, I think both of us don’t have a ton of experience with desserts, and so those we tried a fair amount. Savory foods are easy, you can kind of just change, and go; taste, and figure it out. Whereas most desserts are very strict recipes.

NB: So what that your biggest challenge on this menu, the desserts?

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