The Revolving Door Has Just Re-Opened: Meet Their Newest Chef

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NB: So what that your biggest challenge on this menu, the desserts?

Derek: Yeah, specifically I’d say developing the muffin recipe was difficult.

Nate: (laughs) We really did eat a lot of chocolate muffins.

Derek: The thing is it’s going to be an eight dollar muffin, and you’ve gotta be able to justify someone spending eight dollars on a muffin, so it has to be a really good muffin.

NB: Well sea salt caramel, and the pretzel ice cream can’t hurt.

Nate: That might help a little bit.

NB: Well this is really cool guys. It’s almost like the two of you of you are opening your own restaurant, without the risk of running running your credit and going bankrupt.

Derek: Well that’s the great thing about this concept, it allows us to showcase our skills, without making a huge investment. I really hope people are as excited as we are about it.

NB: Well let me be the first to formally wish you guys good luck, and I’ll be seeing you guys at some point this month. 

Derek: Great! We look forward to having you in, thanks!

Nate: Yeah, thank you, this was great, come down and see us at Revolving Door people!

Derek and Nate will be at The Revolving Door from this Friday 1/29-2/29. Get down there and support your local chefs!

Check out the whole menu…

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