100+ MPH Providence Speeder Crashes While On Facebook Live (Video)

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A reckless driver filmed himself weaving through traffic at very high speeds before losing control and colliding with a garbage truck.

The driver of a car that rear-ended a garbage truck as it entered Route 6 broadcast his driving on Facebook Live in the minutes leading up to the accident. The video shows the driver driving at speeds well over 100 mph as he weaves through traffic, sometimes using the shoulder to pass.

Everyone occasionally breaks the law while behind the wheel. Most make sure they don’t record it. Those that do typically don’t do so live on Facebook…because doing so has a good chance of showing you dead on Facebook too. News reports indicated that the driver was taken to the hospital, but considering the speed he was travelling and that he wasn’t wearing a seat belt, we’re not expecting a good prognosis.

If he does survive, we’re sure Providence police will be handing him numerous charges to keep him off the road for a very long time.

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