It’s The 20th Anniversary Of Judgement Day

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Twenty years ago, Skynet was supposed to become self-aware and start a nuclear war.

Depending on what Terminator movies you have seen (and more importantly, which you regard as canon) today marks the 20th anniversary of Judgement Day. August 29, 1997 was the date when the computer network placed in charge of America’s nuclear arsenal launched a nuclear attack against Russia with the intention of starting a thermonuclear war to wipe out humanity.

Judgement Day: History

Here’s the T-800 to provide a little back story:

Judgement Day, as it was referred to in the movie by the human survivors of the nuclear holocaust, was supposed to go a little like this:


Fortunately, thanks to the actions of Sarah Connor, her son John, an occasional Terminator and some guy named Kyle Reese, Judgement Day didn’t happen. Or it did because it was inevitable. Or it wasn’t. Maybe we were all wearing two million sunblock. It’s kind of hard to keep track at this point.

On a personal note, we missed the initial observation of Judgement Day in 1997 as we’d just arrived at Parris Island, South Carolina the day before and so were a bit “distracted”.

-Tristan Pinnock, Blast Terminator Correspondent

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