(3/5ths of) Deer Tick Playing Parlor TONIGHT!!!

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If you’re looking for Happiness, head to 200 Broadway.

After a long winter, Parlor is diving head first into the Newport music scene. Mondays are Lois Vaughn on piano. Thursday Night Blues kicked off last night with Triple Threat.

HappinessAnd tonight starts a parade of crazy Friday night gigs. Happiness features Ian O’Neil, Chris Ryan and Dennis Ryan…from a little known band called “Deer Tick” who certainly never sell out the Blues Cafe every time they roll back into town. </sarcasm> They are joined by Rafay Rashid, singer for the Providence-based band Ravi Shavi, who are also performing tonight.

Here’s a taste of Happiness:

Cover is $8, but that includes some very hot bartenders.

-Tristan Pinnock, Blast Music Correspondent

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