A Dukes Of Hazzard Round Of “What’s Wrong With This Picture?”

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That is not the real General Lee.

Last night, this photo of Bo and Luke Duke made the rounds online.

Dukes of Hazzard Gay Marriage

It’s topical enough, with the General Lee’s Confederate flag replaced with the LBGT community’s rainbow flag. Upon closer examination, however, it becomes obvious that this image does not fit in Dukes of Hazzard canon.

Here’s the problem

Dukes of Hazzard Gay Marriage doors


Any real Dukes of Hazzard fan knows that the Duke boys’ Dodge Charger, the “General Lee”, has its doors welded shut as part of its track racing setup. So this pic is not part of the actual show.

The photo is probably of a promotional vehicle used for actors Tom Wopat and John Schnieder for photo shoots…in some alternative universe 1982.

-Tristan Pinnock, Blast TV Correspondent

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