A Local Reminder Of Why “Heroin Dealer” Might Not Be The Career For You

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Newport PD drug bust reveals that the gang-banger life probably isn’t what it’s cracked up to be.

Illegal drug trafficking is an obscenely profitable business…if you’re running a Mexican cartel. As you work your way down the food chain, those margins start to fall off, to a point where the only real reason that an individual is going to do it is because their prior convictions prevent them from getting that dream job at McDonald’s…or anywhere else, really.

We’ve got a prime example reported in the Newport Patch this week…

Newport police made yet another major drug dealing arrest Wednesday when three members of Providence’s C-Block street gang were stopped after crossing the Claiborne Pell Bridge with 28 grams of heroin, three loaded handguns and two digital scales in a hidden compartment in the trunk.

The department has been focusing intensely on heroin and cocaine dealing in the city and across Aquidneck Island and this most recent bust is the culmination of a month long investigation with the Drug Enforcement Administration Task Force.

Who did they nail?

Using undercover agents and cooperating sources, detectives identified Jose A. Campos, 20, of 52 Lowell Ave., Providence, as a drug dealer operating out of his 1998 Honda Civic.

So this guy is dealing heroin…out of a car that is approximately 2 years younger than he is. How much does your life suck that you have to deal drugs to afford a car that isn’t worth more than about $2,118?

We suppose that we could be made interested in a career where we spend our time dealing with smack-addicts while under a constant threat of violence from rival gangs and arrest by the police…provided that we were living in a mansion on Ocean Drive and had a stable-full of Italian supercars in the garage.

Admittedly, we’d probably keep a small mountain of cocaine and an M203 grenade launcher at the ready, awaiting the inevitable Scarface-style downfall such a lifestyle invites.

But ultimately, if we’re going to pop up on the DEA’s radar, it’s going to be for this…



not this…


Now, along with 28 grams of heroin, our bargain basement drug dealers had 3 loaded guns; a Glock .40 caliber, a Smith & Wesson .38 caliber revolver and a Cal-Tech PMR-30 .22 caliber semiautomatic. (We’re assuming the .22 was there in case the gang got rushed by their notorious rival gang, the squirrels.)

So if you’re looking to get yourself a nice car via a career spent selling drugs, get yourself  trained as a pharmacy tech and apply at CVS.

-Tristan Pinnock, Blast Automotive Correspondent

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