A Most Bizarre Job Offer In The Newport Mansions

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It looks like it will involve some sex.

Craigslist is an amazing resource for people who are looking for a certain type of person: a desperate someone up for anything.

It would appear that someone, with “private access to a Newport Mansion” is looking for exactly that.

Newport Mansion Adult Film

Huh. Now a couple of you might be tempted by this offer. You’re probably thinking it’s going something like this:


Unfortunately, we have to bring our skepticism to bear on everyone’s bubbles. First, from what every porn star tells the world, life on a porn set is nothing like a Victoria Secret shoot.

We have to point out a few things here. Before any young nymphomaniacs think that they can kickstart a porn career getting plowed while the camera captures the ferocity of their “orgasms” while basking in the glory of the Breakers, Newport has a lot of old houses that are considered “mansions” that no one pays much attention to.

Now, we aren’t the biggest consumers of pornography, but scenery always seemed to be of secondary or tertiary concern. Is there a niche for fans of Gilded Age architecture? Probably. We’re guessing that there might be a few blue-blood fetishists, especially among certain ladies, who find the abodes of old money to be an incredible turn-on.

Of course, if the building says “money”, this production (and its ad) doesn’t. $400 a day to star in a porno? That might sound like great money to a Stop & Shop cashier, but we’re guessing most of the ladies attractive enough to fire up a Rhode Island porn industry can make that kind of money by far more conventional means. Serving drinks can pay that and doesn’t typically involve a casting couch.

Of course, in theory, even a production that can only afford to pay $400 a day should be able to afford some kind of proofreader. Alternatively, “preform” is some kind of industry term we’re unfamiliar with.

Of course, if you actually want the link to the ad, (wait, now it’s gone).

-Tristan Pinnock, Blast Mansion Correspondent

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