A Newport Hotel Will Be Featured On The Travel Channel’s Hotel Showdown

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Catch the episode Tuesday night.

The Travel Channel’s new series Hotel Showdown will premiere Tuesday night at 10pm.

The show features four hotel owners facing off for a $25,000 prize. The interesting challenge is that all four are judging each other’s establishments.

Here’s the Episode summary:

A Seance and a Tea Party With a Game of Quarters

Four New England hoteliers compete for $25,000 by traveling to one another’s properties and judging each one against the others. The Captain’s House Inn, Attwater Hotel, Stowe Meadows Inn and Firehouse Inn go head-to-head, but which will sweep the competition?  TV-G , CC

That’s right…

The Attwater

And keep your eyes peeled for this guy:



Of course, we’d expect this to be a local ratings coup, with it being January and all. If you’re actually part of the elite profession crew of Newport revellers who don’t let a little cold weather get between you and the bar, be sure to set your DVRs.


-Tristan Pinnock, Blast Reality TV Correspondent

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