A Newport Restaurant Gets So Many Tinder Dates They Named A Drink After The App

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Singles of Newport, RI…meet the Tinder-tini.

Online dating has introduced today’s young people to a concept that was thought to have been almost extinct a decade ago…actual dating. With actual dating comes the most nerve-wracking experience of all…”The First Date”.

Then there’s all those questions that come up when planning a first date…

  • What should I wear?
  • Should I shave my legs for this?
  • Where should we go?

caleb & BroadThe answer to that last question is, more often than not, Caleb & Broad. It fits. Trendy, new, artsy…but cheap enough not to create expectations. It’s the kind of place you can say “Are those MEXICAN WRESTLING MASKS?!?!” when you’ve run out of awkward conversation about your career and living arrangements.

Owner/bar manager/late-night cook/hostess Rich Willis picked up on the trend of “Weren’t you here last week with another guy you weren’t that familiar with?” and decided to run with it with his creation: The Tinder-tini

This bad boy consists of all you need to calm those nerves and ensure a smooth dating experience: Don Julio Blanco (that’s a tequila, FYI), Triple Sec, Passion Fruit Puree and house-made sour mix. (And for all the bartenders reading this thinking “Wait, isn’t that just a…” …yes, it is, but shut up for this one second.)

-Tristan Pinnock, Blast Cocktail Correspondent

P.S. Here’s some NY bartenders talking about all the Tinder dates they witness…

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