Aaron Hernandez’s Tattoo Reveals His New ‘Team’

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Former Patriot tight end has fully adapted to his new surroundings and lifestyle.

Back in May, we reported that Aaron Hernandez had gotten himself a neck tattoo. At the time he was making a court appearance in a suit, with a collar that obscured half of the tat. At an appearance today, that tattoo was on full display.

Hernandez neck tattoo

According to those in the know,┬áthe five-point star is a sign of membership in the Bloods, indicating that the gang selected him in the annual┬áSouza-Baranowski Correctional Center draft, while “Lifetime Loyalty” indicates the length of his new contract.

We’re guessing the Bloods are a better fit for Hernandez, as, unlike the Patriots, they aren’t going to cut him just for killing a guy (or three or more).

-Tristan Pinnock, Blast Gang Correspondent

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