According To Business Insider, The Best Restaurant In Rhode Island Is…

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One of Newport’s most famous fine dining experiences.

Business Insider wrote a nice, high-brow article on the “The best restaurant in every state“. Based on their selection for Rhode Island, they might have put due diligence in their selections for the other 49 states.

According to author Emmie Martin, a holistic approach was taken to decide on the best restaurants.

To find the best one each state has to offer, we sifted through our list of the best restaurants in America, James Beard Award nominations, expert reviews, and local recommendations, paying particular attention to fine-dining establishments.

So which Newport spot took it?


RHODE ISLAND: Bouchard Restaurant and Inn

Location: Newport

Chef: Albert Bouchard

One of Newport’s premiere fine-dining spots, Bouchard Restaurant and Inn provides a charming place to stay and eat in the quaint coastal town. The inn features cozy suites, waterfront views, and food that’s not to be missed. Decadent specials include restuffed roasted lobster and scallops, duck breast sautéed with a coffee crust, and escargot flavored with parsley and garlic.

So congratulations to Albert and Sarah Bouchard on yet another accolade!

-Tristan Pinnock, Blast Listicle Correspondent


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