Accuweather Does A South Park Impression

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Maine and Canada are going to take a pounding while the rest of the Northeast gets the shaft.

Among members of the news media community, there’s a saying: “Don’t become the story.” If there is any group within the field who try to follow it twice as hard as anyone else, it’s the meteorologists. First, because they generally are the ones driving around in terrible weather worried about dying. Second, because they spend a lot of time in front of random shapes that morph in real-time.

The second wouldn’t be much of a problem, except human minds have evolved to look for patterns and when we think we’ve found one, we can’t let go. For example, in South Park’s Two Days Before the Day After Tomorrow, Randy tries to explain the new weather system America faces, only to receive a sophomoric response.

Randy Marsh Weather Map

Well, if you’ve been in the Northeast today, you know there’s been a whole lot of rain. Here’s Accuweather’s map…

Weather Penis


Naturally, it’s overtaking the Internet for all the wrong reasons, like every weather dick before it.

-Tristan Pinnock, Blast Weather Correspondent

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