For Alex Brandariz, It’s Been A Stupidly Good Year

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If you hated your 2016, you’re really going to hate a glimpse into this Newport bar manager’s life.

We all know someone leading a picture-perfect life. Generally, it’s pretty annoying, especially when things aren’t going that well for you, to see someone just cruising from one beautiful vista to another, smiling all the while. Tom Brady haters were in that boat for a long time. Fans of every other team in the league couldn’t stand how this pretty-boy quarterback who married the world’s most famous supermodel could be as good as he was. At some point, however, most people realized that had to give it to the guy…he’s done it right.

We’re sort of in the same boat with Alex Brandariz, especially after the year he’s just enjoyed. At some point you just have to take your hat off to a guy.

Alex was, until recently, the bar manager at the White Horse Tavern, an establishment we considered one of Newport’s finest craft cocktail bars. He really does enjoy every aspect of fine dining and dedicates his off-time to the activity as much as his time working. Typically accompanying him on these endeavors is Taylor Zurowski, who is simply one of the most charming young ladies we’ve ever met (and one of Newport’s more prolific Instagrammers.) Here they are at Manhattan’s Eleven Madison Park:

And here’s the obligatory pic with Jason Segel at the White Horse Tavern.

Alex graced the front of the Newport Mercury when they did a cover  story on ice cubes.

Back to Taylor Zurowski for a minute. She and Alex had been dating since he was bartending at Bistro 162 and ever since, the pair have basically been inseparable. Well, August 31 rolled around and Alex decided that he liked it, so he put a ring on it.

Now, if this was an episode of Behind The Music, this would be the part where the narrator would say something like “With a great life and a beautiful fiance, Alex Brandariz was on the top of the world. Unfortunately, things were about to change…”

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