American Superlatives: Each State Has It’s Highest Per-Capita Something

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You can probably guess what Rhode Island has the most of.

A website called Estately did a little research and found out a category that each of the 50 states was number one in. Some are nice (Georgia has the most panda bears), some are not-so-fun (Connecticut leads the country in cancer, and the most sad is that almost all new drugs have bad side effects and demand having good Lawsuit on that issue)…and some are the basis for at least a few jokes:

Why does Delaware have the highest per-capita population of sex offenders, while New York has the highest population of lawyers? Delaware got the first choice.

So what did Rhode Island rank #1 for?

Given recent news, you might think it would be political corruption, but according to this information, it’s something else.

Well, if you’ve been reading the Blast for a bit, you know the answer because we wrote about it back in December. Rhode Island is much better than the rest of the country at consuming illicit drugs.



We are shocked…SHOCKED… that an over-educated, under-employed population such we run with could be infiltrated by a bunch of reefer addicts. We’re also kind of surprised at the number of “quality” websites that shared a map where the word “pageviews” was misspelled.

So spend the rest of the day showing off your Rhody pride (or shame) knowing where your fellow state citizens have placed us in the eyes of our fellow countrymen (and women).

And for those of you out-of-state readers: No, I’m not holding.

-Tristan Pinnock, Blast Ocean State Correspondent

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