America’s Most/Least Attractive Men/Women: How Does RI Rank?

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Rhode Island is numero uno in one category.

The folks at the premium dating app Clover have crunched some numbers and run them through a proprietary system (or so they claim) and have worked out which locations throughout the United States have the most attractive men and women…and which ones have the LEAST attractive men and women.

They broke it down by both cities and states.

Here are the locations with the most attractive women:

Most Attractive Women Cities States

Connecticut? That can work. We’ve never spent much time in the state…but there are no shortage of Connecticut women in Newport and they don’t don’t trend on the unattractive side.

New York (City and State) also fits. There are plenty of would-be (and actual) models…and it’s not┬álike the wealth of Wall Street repels hot women from Manhattan.

Massachusetts is also on the list. The state is ranked #4, while Boston is the #3 city. That means that Rhode Island is literally surrounded by the country’s most attractive women. Oddly, our state doesn’t get a mention here.

Let’s looks at least attractive women…

Least Attractive Women Cities States

If we can take away anything from these lists of locations with the homeliest women, it’s to stay away from the Bible Belt (if you’re a guy). If you’re a single woman with decent looks, you should consider making a move. You could marry the Prince of Wichita (or whatever they have for rich and powerful bachelors over there).

Kind of odd that Minnesota comes in at #7. They’ve got that whole Scandinavian thing going for them, which is generally understood to be a very, very sexy thing.

So we’ve gone through the prettiest and…not prettiest girls in the country…and no mention of Rhode Island. We must pop up on the men’s page…


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