America’s Most/Least Attractive Men/Women: How Does RI Rank?

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How hot are the men?

The most attractive guys in the country are Marlboro Men, if you go by the states.

Most Attractive Men Cities States

Montana? South Dakota? Utah? Are women suddenly really keen on guys who drive pickup trucks and are the embodiment of “rugged individualism”? Makes sense…until you see that Boston is the #4 city and Manhattan is hanging in at #7.

Basically, it would appear that the factors that make women find men extremely attractive are whether they’re in the middle of nowhere…or a Red Sox or Yankees cap. (Alternatively, Tom Brady might be solely responsible for putting Boston in the rankings here.)

Now, if you’ve been keeping score at home, you’ve noticed that Rhode Island isn’t mentioned at all on that listing, which means that we dominate the last category:

Least Attractive Men Cities StatesThis is hard to take, but apparently Rhode Island men are the least attractive in the country…while Providence is #4 for ugly dudes. Oddly enough, Delaware, our biggest rival for the title of “Biggest Little State in the Union” is #2. Not sure if there’s some kind of anti-small state bias in the methodology or what, because Connecticut and New Jersey are right behind.

But seriously, how bad are Rhode Island guys? Let’s take a look at a couple who have made national news in the last six months…

800 lb


See? Some serious beefcakes here. Guys who looked at themselves in the mirror one day and decided to dedicate themselves to bulking up.

-Tristan Pinnock, Blast Sexiness Correspondent

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