An Amazing One Man Band Plays Bob Dylan (Video)

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Where you can catch him in Newport tonight…and where you can catch him on St. Patrick’s Day Parade Day.

Growing up, one-man-bands tended to be silly things for kids. No more. Jason Cardinal’s rendition of “Like A Rolling Stone” reveals some serious talent and we have some great news.

He’s playing Pour Judgement tonight, starting at 10.

Then, if you wait a week, he’s coming back to Newport.

A week from today is…PARADE DAY!!!

A day on which Jason will be playing Dockside, starting at NOON.

Jason Cardinal Dockside FB Event

That’s a pretty big gig for just two guys, but, as this video from when Jason auditioned for America’s Got Talent shows, he’s great at drawing an audience. Watch as an audience of a dozen or so turns into a sea of smartphone cameras…

So, when someone says, “Oh man, that guy put on such a great show last week!” don’t be the one saying, “I wish I’d known.” You know now.

See you tonight…and next week!

-Tristan Pinnock, Blast Music Correspondent

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