An Argument For Women To Stop Sending Nude Selfies

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…That Probably Won’t Work.

In the wake of the Fappening (and Fappening 2 and Fappening 3…and most recently the Snappening) the folks at College Humor have decided to release a little PSA warning guys of the danger of sharing the nude selfies that the ladies have been sending them. If you watch the video above, you’ll be treated to a little economics lesson on the risk vs. rewards a lady faces when she receives a request to from some guy she likes to bare it all on camera.

According to the video, women are getting less willing to send guys nudes because the reward of showing off the goodies to impress one guy that you’re interested in is getting outweighed by the risk that every guy in town(and a billion or so more on “The Internet”).

However, if you look at this argument with an eye towards the recent history of human sexual behavior in the developed world, it falls a little flat. After all, the risks associated with sending nude pics are quite low in comparison to those of actually having sex…and the social constraints of sex have been falling like dominoes since the introduction of The Pill and the start of the Sexual Revolution.

If you have 10 minutes, this excellent video explains why everyone is having sex and so few people are getting married:

Back in the day, women acted as a sex cartel, where any girl who made herself a little too available to guys without getting enough relationship in return was slut-shamed for impeding the ability of other women to find a relationship. Now, if you’ve studied economics, you know that pretty much all players in a cartel cheat, but the strength of the cartel determines how far outside the rules players are willing to go.

At this point, there’s barely a cartel to speak of. Attractive women are happy to show off how good they look naked, while their less attractive sisters try to attract men by showing that they’re “up for anything”.

Now, for guys, they want the naked selfie for the ego boost it gives them. They’re thinking “This girl finds me attractive enough to show me everything.” Now the guy who shares the nudes with his friends is trying to double that boost (and get some social esteem) by showing his peers that said girl finds him attractive enough to show him everything.

The odd thing is that the guy who’s seeing naked pics of girls who have sent them to his friends doesn’t really get much out of it. If he knows the girl, then he’s getting a bit of curiosity satisfied(“So that’s what she looks like naked”) but that’s going to be tempered by a bit of jealousy(“Apparently she’s really interested in a guy who isn’t me.”)

In the long run, it’s a vast supply that’s going to diminish the risk.  If EVERYONE is sending nudes, then there’s not going to be any shame left in them when they get shared. On the flipside, the whole body-image crisis is probably going to get worse, so this whole fitness craze is going to keep going for a long, long time.

Tristan Pinnock, Blast Selfie Correspondent

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