An Uncomfortably Realistic Depiction Of Newport’s Cocktail Wars

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As Cocktail Wars enter the semifinals, most contestants will be able to relate to this video.

If you’ve never been to a cocktail competition, it’s very much like how it’s depicted above, with perfectly capable bartenders encountering impossible ingredients and boorish judges (like us).

Tonight’s round features winners from the previous four rounds who have moved on the next tier. Make your way to the Gas Lamp Grille at 9pm Wednesday night to see Ana Iannuzzi, Ryan Kennedy, Stacy Harris, Melissa Chaplin and Victoria Bartolomei duke it out with their own secret ingredients and…most likely a liquor that you’ve seen on the shelves of your liquor store and laughed at.

It’ll be fun.

We swear. (There’s free samples of everyone’s creations…and these guys are actually really good.)

-Tristan Pinnock, Blast Beverage Correspondent

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