Anonymity And Race Are An Explosive Mix At Salve Regina (Allegedly)

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Salve President Sister Jane Gerety responds

Salve President Black Student Union

We should point out a couple things, however. Given the nature of the Yik Yak app, there’s no proof that any of the commenters are Salve Regina students. In theory, they could be a bunch of grandmothers sitting at Bailey’s Beach, trolling the interwebs. That’s the nature of Yik Yak.

Interestingly, the Terms of Service you agree to when you sign into the Yik Yak app says you agree not to harass people on the app…because that’s so obviously what the capabilities of the app encourage you to do. Ferrari might as well have a user agreement telling people not to speed in their cars.

So, in closing, if you don’t want to read unpleasant comments online, avoid places on the Internet that allow people to make them anonymously, because people will say things that offend you, whether they actually believe them…or they want to get a rise out of you.

-Tristan Pinnock, Blast Troll Correspondent

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