Psycho Cat Killer Is Where He Belongs

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Level 3 Sex Offender Anthony Stravato arrested on a probation violation…but what has his girlfriend been up to?

The last we heard about Anthony Stravato, he was released from the ACI, despite showing all the characteristics of a potential serial killer. There’s nothing like mutilating pets and declaring oneself a sociopath to let the world know that any time you’re allowed outside of a cell increases the potential for some innocent Rhode Islander to experience a violent tragedy.

Fortunately, Stravato committed a probation violation on August 24 when he didn’t show up for mental health and probation appointments. The same day, a warrant was issued for his arrest and police picked him up at 7 pm at his residence, the Rumford Motor Inn, a motel distinguished by a one-star rating on Yelp even before the friendly neighborhood sex offender moved in.

Alyssa LaMountainSo Stravato is being held without bail until a Sept. 1 hearing, meaning that he doesn’t pose a threat to Rhode Island’s cherished pets. What is somewhat disconcerting  is what Alyssa LaMountain, Stravato’s girlfriend got herself arrested for August 9th. The Projo reports…

LaMountain was charged Aug. 9 with charges including stealing gravestones from a cemetery in Warren. She is also under investigation after Warren police found animal bones in a glass jar and wooden box at her house at 6 Greenhouse Court, according to an affidavit file in District Court accompanying a search warrant.

A witness told Warren police that LaMountain had talked about cruel things that she and Stravato did to cats, and that she used an ax that she kept in her bedroom, according to the affidavit. The witness said he found cat paws inside a ziplock bag inside the mini-refrigerator in her bedroom, the affidavit said.

If you take a look at LaMountain’s Facebook profile, it’s apparent that sometimes goth chicks that seem to be obsessed with death are actually obsessed with death in a real, hands-on manner.

Alyssa Lamountain Facebook

At the time of this report, it looks like she’s out on bail, so keep an eye on your pets.

-Tristan Pinnock, Blast Pet Correspondent

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