Felon Released From ACI Has The Resume Of A Serial Killer

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If pet killer Anthony Stravato has been good at one thing, it’s telegraphing his violent tendencies.

On August 5, The Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management sent out a letter to RI pet stores, warning them that convicted cat killer and cyberstalker Anthony Stravato was about to be released and that they shouldn’t sell him or his girlfriend any pets, otherwise he might mutilate and kill them.

The RI Department of Environmental Management/Division of Law Enforcement issues this advisory to all licensed animal care facilities.

An individual with a history of felony animal abuse has been released from the Adult Correctional Institute. Anthony Stravato, D.O.B. 07/02/1991 (see attached photo) was released from the ACI on Friday, August 05, 2016. Stravato was convicted of multiple felonies including the mutilation of a rat and a cat. Authorities are concerned that Stravato will continue this behavior, possibly seeking to harm larger animals.

Be advised that Stravato or his girlfriend, Alyssa Lamountain, D.O.B. 10/21/1995 (see attached photo) may attempt to adopt or purchase animals from your facilities. Stravato is prohibited from owning or being in contact with animals per court order. If Stravato or Lamountain enter your facility to adopt or purchase an animal contact Lieutenant Cabral of the RI Department of Environmental Management/Division of Law Enforcement at any time. Lt. Cabral can be reached at 401-222-3070 (DEM Emergency Dispatch) or by cell at 401-639-2265. It is advised that you not allow Stravato or Lamountain to purchase or adopt an animal from your facility.

So that means that Anthony Stravato won’t be able to get pets from animal care facilities and murder them. So the pets at the Potter League are protected.

anthony stravato 1

Unfortunately, that leaves pretty much everyone else’s pets at risk. There’s also a bigger problem.

Cruelty to animals can be a warning sign of future violent behavior. A child’s aggressive, abusive behavior towards animals may predict later violence towards people. Child protection and social service agencies, mental health professionals, and educators regard animal abuse as a significant form of aggressive and antisocial behavior, and consider it to be an important red flag in identifying other violent behavior. A child’s aggressive, abusive behavior towards animals may predict later violence towards people.

While it’s a nice touch for RI DEM to reach out to animal care centers, the State of Rhode Island didn’t feel it necessary to let the state’s 1.1 million human beings know that they’re releasing an inmate with homicidal tendencies back into our polite society.

How do we know he’s got homicidal tendencies? Aside from the killing pets and making threats to a 15-year old girl? According to his Facebook page, it’s his middle name; “Anthony Homiecidez Stravato”.

Anthony Homiecidez Stravato

A quick glance at his page gives you little tokens of Stravato’s wisdom like:

HA! you called me the fake serial killer in tha past n yes i never killed anyone but still tried to kill your stupid ass 5 times. you think serial killers aren’t sociopaths but they all are thats how they start off also im not fuckin fake jus cuz i betrayed you, you think im fuckin fake kid ur jus a boy with a big imagination but i can make my intentions into reality n yes i am a sociopath. you wanted to watch but then pussied out. someone so fasinated with death but u jus made urself look like a fuckin frod bitch!

Now, you might read this and think “But aren’t serial killers supposed to have above-average intelligence? This guy’s just a half-literate slob…”

While you’d be right that Anthony’s intelligence is such that we wonder how he might climb out of bed in the morning without soiling himself repeatedly, the idea that serial killers possess above-average intelligence is actually a myth. According to Scientific American:

The image of the evil genius serial killer is mostly a Hollywood invention.  Real serial killers generally do not possess unique or exceptional intellectual skills. The reality is that most serial killers who have had their IQ tested score between borderline and above average intelligence. This is very consistent with the general population.

If there’s one trend that we’ve come to pick up on around southern Rhode Island, it’s that most of the people who commit the most violent crimes possess long, violent rap sheets. Stravato’s already got plenty of experience getting arrested for assault, breaking & entering, vandalism, cyberstalking, and cruelty to animals.

The problem, as it generally is with these kinds of cases, is that everyone knows it’s just going to be a matter of time before Anthony Stravato lashes out again, be it against an innocent animal…or an innocent person. In the meantime, Rhode Islanders get to sit and wait, like prey waiting for the love child of Jeffrey Dahmer and Seth Green’s character in Can’t Hardly Wait to decide who or what he’s going to kill next.

Fortunately for Newport, Stravato has typically kept to East Providence, Warren and Bristol. Unfortunately for Newport, we’re on a direct bus route, should the natives up there run him out of town.

-Tristan Pinnock, Blast Homiecidez Correspondent

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