Anti-Pot PSAs Are A Bit Different In Australia (Video)

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These are probably hilarious if you’re stoned.

The global fight against marijuana is ultimately pretty embarrassing. The Congressional vote to ban the stuff was based on racism and the main justification the Feds use to keep it banned is the “gateway drug” rhetoric that has been repeatedly disproved.

The problem with most government denouncements of pot is that they’re usually disproven by the life experiences of the target audience. Heroin overdoses are a real and deadly threat and people either lose people who they know…or know someone who did. With weed, no one knows anyone who’s died from the drug, unless they got shot by the police.

The real danger of marijuana

Down under in Australia, they’re attacking weed in what’s probably the most accurate way we’ve seen. What’s the real danger of pot? That it will make you lazy. Well, lazy and stupid. So the Australians have started a #StonerSloth campaign with the PSAs in the video above.

-Tristan Pinnock, Blast Public Service Correspondent

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