Aquidneck Island: The Photo Journal Of A Winter Wonderland

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A sunset from Goat Island

Goat Island is a funny animal to shoot a sunset from, mostly because there’s nothing beyond it to identify Newport from it. We all love Newport sunsets, but it’s what’s in front of that sunset that declares that it’s Newport, be it the bridge or the docks or a marina…or a fence.



That said, a school of ducks who want to hang out with the icebergs also works well…



Now, if you don’t have carte blanche on naval property, working the Claiborne Pell bridge into a sunset shot is difficult, but the sky Friday night cooperated…



Now here’s the thing…

After looking at what was a damn good Newport sunset, we headed back to our car to realize that there was something amazing happening in the harbor. First of all, there was a whole lot of ice, which doesn’t happen that often…unless you’re here in Newport…this winter…





Some beautiful colors in the sky were reflecting in the glass of the harbor to make something amazing…



On a lighter note…you’re going to want to see this…


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