Are Rhode Island Men Really The Nation’s Most Immature?

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Study reveals what many of us already know.


…or does it?

The click-bait site Estately has finally told Rhode Island women what they have long believed; RI men are totally immature. However, upon closer examination of the “study” methodology, some questions about the methodology used arise.

Enthusiasm for watching The Family Guy?

The most arbitrary factor is, of course, Family Guy viewership. There’s no way anyone but Rhode Island would win this category. The show was created by a Rhode Islander and set in Rhode Island. If there actually was a Quahog, RI, it’s quite likely that that town’s Family Guy viewership would be off the chart, just as it’s quite likely that the #1 viewing audience of Nashville is Nashville…or, for what’s probably a more apt comparison, Colorado men probably love South Park just a little more than everyone else.

Here are some alternative arbitrary criteria that probably would have also placed Rhode Island in first place:

  • Proximity to the The Atlantic Beach Club
  • Consumption of ‘Gansett Tallboys
  • Chopville fandom
  • Dell’s Lemonade exposure

So plenty of stupidity there.

No Job

Now, this is an interesting one, because it’s less a problem for the individual than it is for the state…but it may actually affect a man’s “maturity”.

Unemployment in Rhode Island is stupidly high right now…and it’s going to do that seasonal thing where it gets worse. Of course, it seems like it’s always high, even when times were better. Our state’s reliance on tourism dollars means that we’re always the first state to go into a recession and the last to pull ourselves out of one.

So that can’t be blamed on individual men, aside from the fact that they haven’t left the state looking for work.

Unfortunately, if a guy is unemployed, it’s kind of unlikely that he’s devoting his time and energy to personal enrichment. In fact, it’s likely that with all that free time, he’s doing what guys with free time and no responsibilities do:

  • Fantasy Football
  • Beer Pong
  • Video Games
  • Porn
  • and watching the already mentioned Family Guy

…which were all the other factors considered immature in the survey.

No Career = No Ring

Interestingly enough, just as economists talk about people “leaving the labor pool” when they don’t have a job but quit looking for one, there are also plenty of guys who will leave the “relationship pool” if they can’t establish themselves economically. When life hands them a few hands of without so much as a face card high, guys can just fold away. (Women are on a different schedule, so they have to gamble in completely different ways.)

Now, all this does lead to some pretty self-destructive and irresponsible behavior. If a guy doesn’t think he’s currently boyfriend material, then he’s not going to think too highly of women who disagree with him. Unfortunately, there are a few guys around who are more than happy to sit at home and let their employed girlfriends support them in what can only be described as “unhealthy” relationships.

Unfortunately for the ladies, they’re under a bit more of a time crunch, so many don’t have to option to sit this jobless recovery out. Ladies do have options, however. They can go up-market and seek the older, higher-net worth single guys, but should understand if they’ve made it this far unattached, they’re unlikely to settle down without a fight.

Tristan Pinnock, Blast Gender Studies Correspondent


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