Are We Going To See Thundersnow Tonight?

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Just when you thought that this storm couldn’t get any crazier…

Channel 12 is reporting that on top of the infinite number of inches of snow we’re facing, conditions are ripe for one of the rarest of weather conditions…THUNDERSNOW. That’s when there’s thunder and lighting and snow TOGETHER.

Meteorologist Pete Mangione says, if a snowstorm is strong enough, powerful upward motion can create collisions between ice crystals and snowflakes.

The collisions can cause charge separation — lightning and then thunder occurs as Mother Nature tries to balance the charge.

This rare occurrence is usually only associated with a powerful storm.

Meteorologist Pete Mangione says, if there is enough moisture, the upward motions produces numerous and huge snowflakes.

Here’s what Lewis Black has to say on the subject:

What’s going to be really fun is if we lose power, because then without all the light pollution, we’ll get a really good look at the lightshow in the sky.

At least it will give the kids something to look forward to.

-Tristan Pinnock, Blast Electricity Correspondent

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